Principle Investigator

Prof. Jian Yang

Jian Yang is a Professor of Statistical Genetics at the School of Life Sciences, Westlake University. He received his Ph.D. in 2008 from Zhejiang University, before undertaking postdoctoral research at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia (2008-2011). He moved to The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, as a Research Fellow in 2012 and was reappointed as a Senior Research Fellow and Group Leader in January 2014. He was promoted to be an Associate Professor in December 2014, and then a Professor in January 2017 at UQ. He joined Westlake University in September 2020.

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Research Scientist
Undergraduate Student
Visiting Scholar

Yi Ding, visiting student (2023). Now undergraduate student at Science and Technology of China University.

Hailing Fang, research assistant (2021-2023). 

Dandan Shi, Master’s student (2019-2022). Now research assistant at Capital Medical University.

Tingjing Zhang, visiting student (2021). Now PhD student at Tianjin Medical University.

Yeqing Gu, visiting scholar (2021). Now research scientist at Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College.

Weixiang Wang, visiting student (2021). Now PhD student at Westlake University.

Ningxin Kang, visiting student (2021). Now Master’s student at UCSD.

Wenduo Cheng, visiting student (2021). Now at Duke Kunshan University.

Shouye Liu, research technician (2019-2021). Now PhD student at UQ.

Xiaoyu Qian, Master’s student (2019-2020). Now PhD student at UQ.

Lilin Yin, visiting student (2018-2020). Now Research Associate at Huazhong Agricultural University.

Min Zhang, visiting student (2018) and Honours student (2019). Now PhD student at UQ.

Longda Jiang, PhD student (2017-2021). Now postdoc at New York Genome Centre.

Huanwei Wang, PhD student (2017-2021). Now postdoc at UQ.

Wenhan Chen, postdoc (2017-2020). Now postdoc at Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Angli Xue, PhD student (2016-2021). Now postdoc at Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Jing Guo, PhD student (2016-2019). Now postdoc at Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Jian Zeng, postdoc (2016-2019) and research fellow (2019-2020). Now NHMRC Emerging Leader Fellow at UQ.

Zhili Zheng, visiting scholar (2016) and postdoc (2017-2020). Now Computational Scientist at Broad Institue of MIT and Harvard.

David Banh, Honours student (2016). Now Data Scientist at AskExplain.

Yang Wu, PhD student (2015-2019) and postdoc (2019-2020). Now Principal Investigator at West China Medical School, Sichuan University.

Futao Zhang, postdoc (2015-2020). Now Clinical Bioinformatician at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney.

Andrew Bakshi, research technician (2014-2016). Now Research Fellow at Monash University.

Zhihong Zhu, postdoc (2014-2019). Now Research Fellow at Aarhus University.